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hi there!

You found my site! Awesome!

A quick introduction, I am a Web Developer with a BFA in Web and Graphic design. I am also a pretty good photographer. I've been consulting for 7 years now. 

Contact me if you want amazing photos or a quick website to start your business off. 

I can feel you getting the warm and fuzzies so why don't you drop me a line. We can start on your journey today. 

Why me?

SEO, Google Workspace, Domains, Hosting, all these things boiled down are a way to communicate your message. I am just here to make sure you are being heard. 


I am not the perfect choice for everyone.

I am however meant to be used as a addition to your work force or as a launching pad for your ideas. 

Most of my clients don't know where to start, and that is where I make them aware of the industry they are fighting for.



Make Art Gain Notoriety Unite Souls
Design Influence Veracity


My name is Miguel Gonzalez "Magnusdiv"

As a Web Developer and Graphic Artist with 20 years of experience in intelligence, consulting, and web development, I bring a wealth of expertise. Drawing from my background in the Army, Lockheed Martin, and Consulting, I offer valuable leadership, keen attention to detail, and proficiency in e-commerce, inventory management, and collections, all aimed at helping your company excel...

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Zoe, Model

I always love shooting with
him he is such a good
photographer! ... I
don't think I've ever had a dull
photoshoot, if you like puns
and silly jokes then you're
bound to have a good photo
shoot with Miguel. He is my
favorite Photographer to work
with. Also, his photos are the bomb!


Rashad, Photographer

I love working with this kind Sir. He is one of the best photographers I have worked with side by side. You should definitely snag him up before his rates go up again!


Zury, Model

I totally recommend Magnusdiv 100%.

He is very professional and takes amazing photographs. It is always a pleasure shooting with him. Makes you feel comfortable at all times. Great photographer


 Serving Dallas | Fort Worth | Euless | Grand Prairie and more 

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