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Dia De Los Muertos

"Dia De Los Muertos: The Battle of the Catrina Artists" is a documentary exploring the vibrant and rich culture of the Mexican holiday, Day of the Dead. This film showcases two talented makeup artists in Texas who are competing to become the best catrina artists in the state. Through stunning visuals created by AI technology, we delve into the fashion industry and the ideologies behind it as we follow these artists on their journey.

The film features breathtaking footage shot on the Sony A74 and Zcam F6/S6, capturing the intricate details and stunning artistry of these two talented makeup artists. With vibrant colors and dynamic editing, this documentary brings the beauty of Dia De Los Muertos to life.

As the artists share their inspiration, techniques, and personal stories, we gain insight into the history and significance of the Catrina, a symbol of the holiday that has become an iconic part of Mexican culture. This film is not just a celebration of the artistry of these two talented makeup artists, but also a tribute to the traditions and customs of Dia De Los Muertos.

With the expert color grading and editing by Magnusdiv, "Dia De Los Muertos: The Battle of the Catrina Artists" is a must-see film for anyone interested in the fashion industry, cultural traditions, or just the beauty of art and makeup. Get ready to be transported to the vibrant world of Dia De Los Muertos as we follow these two talented artists in their quest to become the best Catrina artists in Texas.

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